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Hundreds more items available in our warehouse, book an appointment to come visit! CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Hundreds more items available in our warehouse, book an appointment to come visit! CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Where do you get all of this stuff?

Can you believe how many people just call the junk guys and PAY them to take perfectly good furniture and home goods away? We put a stop to that, and our customers don't pay us anything. In fact, we sometimes pay them instead.

We work with a lot of great professionals to connect us with people who want to part with their stuff. Whether it is an estate that needs to be cleared out, downsizing, moving or general de-cluttering, we're there to pick up the pieces and give everything a new home, in a magnificently stress-free way to the owners.

Who are you?

We're just a group of people who are passionate about helping others, and the planet. We know how stressful it can be to try to buy and sell items online using sites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace, especially when it comes to heavy furniture. We take all of the stress, pain and nuisance out of the process. We just make getting great stuff, easy.

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What is your return policy?

As with most second-hand goods, once you get something from our site, it is yours for good. We really hope you want to keep it, and come back to buy more!

We do our very best to inspect and test all of our goods, and advertise them in their true condition. We stand behind this statement, if we've overlooked something absolutely obvious, damaged something in transit, or we just plain screwed up, we'll take it back. 

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We pick-up and deliver all around the GTA and beyond

Can I pick up my order?

Yes! Curbside pickup is available by appointment only at our warehouse in Etobicoke

Do I need an appointment?

Yes! We aren't always around, our crew is out picking up great new stuff for our shop, or delivering orders. Please do not show up unscheduled, you will likely walk away empty handed. We do our best to accommodate a pick-up time that works for you.

Do you deliver big items outside of the GTA?

Yes! We regularly plan trips to other major areas, and try to group sales together to make the trip worth it and save you money, you just might have to wait a month or two to get your order. If you are outside our major delivery zones and want to get on one of our discounted delivery trips, send us an e-mail or use the chat to get your order in!

Our most popular long distance destination is: Ottawa (and everywhere en route!)

If you need something more urgently, the site will calculate a freight charge for you at checkout.

Can I sell you my stuff?

We're always picking up or buying new inventory. Send us an e-mail at with some pictures or to book a time to bring it to our warehouse. We can't pay top dollar, but we do make it easy to get rid of your stuff.  Got a whole bunch of things you need gone? We'll come with a truck and load it all up, no charge.